For me I mean a slow wallet drain that lasts for about a week. Amounts like 5-30 are taken out at random times throughout the week. Never going over the limit that you have discussed. I usually use something like kik or discord to send messages such as "Oh you jumped for that one." "Good morning, I beat you so you will have to wait." These messages are designed to test his response time and make the sub anticipate and eager to send. It is just like teasing him with your voice. He is on edge and the tease of it is fun. I also set one rule. If we live close to the same time zone and he messages me first in the morning then they can send a small tribute with it. If I beat them to the message first they must wait. It is a game to make things fun. It can also build trust knowing that no matter how much with both get caught up in the fun of the game I won't go over our limit. 

Are there any subs or Dommes that share this view or do you have something else to say? I am curious to see what the views are.

(Becuase I accept both male and female subs I may call them they or he not trying to have a gender issue.)

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