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Mistress Kiara

Female Lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States Born on April 20, 1987
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by on October 5, 2020
Update from My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon: https://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/2020/10/more-amazing-news-first-public-nude/ It’s October, which has always been My favorite month. Obviously I’m a goth girl at heart and I just LOVE dressing up and doing fun makeup for Halloween! But being a Pagan, there’s also Samhain to look forward to! I’ll do a more in-depth blog about the Witch’s New Year later I’m sure. But I also love the milder temperatures, not needing to run the air conditioner,...
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by on September 7, 2020
MORE on My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon - CLICK HERE! September is here, which means that fall has finally begun! And so far, things seem to be falling just the way I like them to… >:) 5K on Twitter ...
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by on July 4, 2020
From My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon Pick up the Slack! So as I’m sure you all know, things are still not great. Hell, things aren’t even “good” right now. The USA is going into a second COVID spike, this one even higher than the initial one. That means MANY have been furloughed, laid off, or just flat out fired. I bet lots of folks didn’t even make rent this month! ...
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by on June 7, 2020
Wow... Can you believe it's only been a month!? SO MUCH has happened! The moon is now in Sagittarius, and I am feeling that fiery energy! Black Lives Matter I would be remiss in My duties as a Leftist and honestly as a compassionate human being in general if I didn't address the current protests in the United States over the murder of George Floyd by the police. Anyone who follows Me on Twitter will know that I am 100% on the side of the protesters. No, I am not going to argue with you abo...
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by on April 3, 2020
From the blog Mistress Kiara’s Birthday is Coming…   Mistress Kiara’s Birthday Celebration! ...
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by on March 6, 2020
Copy/pasted from My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon Read the full blog to get TONS more info & pics! Happy Leap Year! ...
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by on February 16, 2020
CLICK HERE FOR STEP 1 OF THE 12 STEP PROGRAM! I've had so many pay puppets come to Me and tell Me how much their life is ruined by their addiction to financial domination. And it's more than just debt, My pets... If you let this fetish get a hold of you, if you REALLY let it get out of control, you can lose everything... Friends, family, loved ones, everything is at risk when you're a true findom addict. It's no different than drugs or gambling addictions. It takes over your life completely, ...
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by on February 15, 2020
Happy Valentine's Day, pets! It's time for some sexy updates. And these are EXTRA big updates too... New Piercing ...
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by on January 28, 2020
Full blog & free clip available on My website! Click Here Now! Difficulties… Remember when I was like, “2020 is gonna be My year!”? Well, things haven’t quite started out according to plan… First, I was sick for New Years and was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it to My planned tattoo appointment on the 7th. Luckily, I was feeling better by the 6th, but when I messaged doughboy to schedule our cash meet so that he could pay Me for the tattoo, he was feeling sick. he still go...
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by on January 2, 2020
Read the Full Blog Post on My Website - Click Here! Happy New Year! I hope the ending of 2019 was great, and that 2020 brings everything you could hope for! My new year itself wasn’t super great – I’m actually fighting an upper respiratory infection. But I’m determined to keep updating, keep releasing new content, and just keep improving in general! ...
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by on December 23, 2019
Edited From My Blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon - Click Here for More Femdom Fetish Fun! Many people who do pro Domination try to build a wall between themselves and their Domme persona. Over the years, I have striven to break down this wall and be more and more Myself in every way when I interact with My subs and slaves. Today marks a huge moment for Me when I’ve knocked down one more of those walls… And what better time than on the morning after the longest night of the year – the winter so...
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by on February 6, 2019
2019 has been the worst so far. It’s felt like just one hit after another. From twitter troubles to website troubles to Dom Mal’s dog nearly dying of cancer, things have not been good. But, as always, your Mistress is the Queen of turning things around and making them end up in My favor. New Twitter – @HypnoFemdom Toward the very beginning of January, some stupid jealous bitch got My Twitter with 10,000 followers banned. I don’t know for sure who it was, but I have My suspicions. I won’t n...
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