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Female Lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States Born on April 20, 1987
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by on January 2, 2021
UPDATE SISEA was thrown out but only because of the ‘lame duck’ period — meaning that nobody in the Senate wanted to put any effort into anything when there was so little time before the next elects were set to come in. It’s a win, but not a victory, since another Senator (or even the same ones) could just come in and submit the same or a similar bill once everything is settled with the new crew of Senators.  What SISEA Will Mean for the World of Sex Work and Internet Pornography: ...
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by on September 7, 2020
MORE on My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon - CLICK HERE! September is here, which means that fall has finally begun! And so far, things seem to be falling just the way I like them to… >:) 5K on Twitter ...
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by on December 3, 2018
EDIT (12/04/2018): Thank you very much to Miss_Alley for posting this link where you can backup your tumblr for those who have put so much work into their business with tumblr! http://web.archive.org/   Also, the Nerdist posted a REALLY great article about the amazing fallout of Tumblr's decision, but I've screencapped a few of the highlights (sorry for the crappy phone screenies xD). ...
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by on March 17, 2022
Not all subs are into financial domination, but many are, and sissy victoria is one of them for sure! In just a few short years, she has made it to the $10K club! Congrats, victoria! One thing that sets victoria apart as a finsub is that she actually wants to please Me. Sure, she gets off on sending, like many finsubs do, but that’s not the main reason that she sends. She flat out says, ‘i want to make you happy,’ which is honestly the best reason to send in My opinion. And, since you’re...
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by on May 22, 2018
Phew! I finally feel recovered from all the Birthday excitement! So before I get into bragging about everything I got for My Birthday this year, I want to publicly address an issue I've had with My little foot piggy... I am sure most of My puppets remember My revolutionary Progressive Financial Domination video from last month, but in case you missed it, here it is: — I’ve recorded an extra special clip for My little foot piggy david aimes. his clip contains financial domination and foot w...
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by on March 3, 2018
 From the blog at Pretty Punk Princesses Hello again puppets, We have exciting news today – EmpressHana has joined the Pretty Punk Princesses! This means that there’s even MORE hot Bitches for you to serve! She can be found on Niteflirt, Skype, Twitter, and will soon have Her own debut clip in Our clip stores! But let’s let Her introduce Herself… ...
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by on November 3, 2018
Wow… I honestly can’t believe everything life has put Me through lately. First, I want to apologize for being so absent for the past few months. Things have just been insane and I have had no time or brain space to properly dedicate to dominating My puppets. I would also like to apologize for this giant wall of text, but I’m literally just posting this to update everyone. Those who follow Me on Twitter will know that a few months ago, one of My partners went into the hospital with severe stom...
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by on December 6, 2020
From My blog at MistressKiarasDungeon.com Happy December! I hope that you all had a very lovely socially distanced Turkey Day. I don't have anything big to share because I was a bit under the weather in November, and it's unfortunately hanging on into the beginning of December as well. AVN Stars 50% off Sale! ...
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by on July 2, 2017
From My blog at http://www.mistresskiarasdungeon.com So if you’ve been following My Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/DominaKiara – then you know that I have been getting really into cash point meets! Cash point meets are just what they sound like – a financial domination Mistress like Myself will go to a predetermined location to meet a sub. Once at the location, the sub will give the Mistress money. Sometimes it’s a predetermined amount, sometimes it’s just ‘whatever Mistress feels like....
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by on June 7, 2020
Wow... Can you believe it's only been a month!? SO MUCH has happened! The moon is now in Sagittarius, and I am feeling that fiery energy! Black Lives Matter I would be remiss in My duties as a Leftist and honestly as a compassionate human being in general if I didn't address the current protests in the United States over the murder of George Floyd by the police. Anyone who follows Me on Twitter will know that I am 100% on the side of the protesters. No, I am not going to argue with you abo...
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by on October 5, 2020
Update from My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon: https://mistresskiarasdungeon.com/2020/10/more-amazing-news-first-public-nude/ It’s October, which has always been My favorite month. Obviously I’m a goth girl at heart and I just LOVE dressing up and doing fun makeup for Halloween! But being a Pagan, there’s also Samhain to look forward to! I’ll do a more in-depth blog about the Witch’s New Year later I’m sure. But I also love the milder temperatures, not needing to run the air conditioner,...
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by on January 16, 2021
From My blog at Mistress Kiara's Dungeon In case you didn’t notice, things are looking great for the coming year! In 2020, I made over 6 figures with Domination as My only source of income, and there’s no WAY I’m stopping in 2021! I know things were a bit concerning with the SISEA bill, but thanks to the ‘lame duck’ period, it has been thrown out. It’s not QUITE a victory, since they could just easily reintroduce the bill (or a similar one), but at least it’s no longer an imminent threat! ...
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