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by on 10 hours ago
I'm looking for a dirty slutty piggy who will be drained inorder to worship and be dominated by me
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by on July 2, 2022
Just sad today. Need a bit of a cheer up
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by on June 30, 2022
I knew as I sat at the cafe table that I was being watched. I could feel his eyes each time I crossed and uncrossed my legs as I pondered the meager menu I held in my hands. Shifting in my seat, I could barely view him as he tried to look coy and unassuming. But I knew his deal, he was a foot perv and I planned on torturing him as per my usual when I catch a fly in my sticky sultry little spider web. It didnt take long for the waitress to bring my blt and fries. As she filled up my sweet iced...
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by on June 27, 2022
Last Friday a severely stupid decision was made in my country regarding the reproductive rights of women.It was a ruling by the Stupid "Supreme Court"declaring that the constitutional right to abortion,that had been upheld for nearly a half century, no longer existed. Women no longer had total autonomy over their own bodies, and this sickened me to my core. When this decision was made it enacted a trigger law within the  moronic state that I happen to live in. Trigger laws are laws that are desi...
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by on June 24, 2022
You lost a sub. Its nothing new. It happens to dominants all the time. Some people can just get over it and some will linger. I suspect it all depends on what you miss the most from the lost relationship that determines your grieving process and how long it will take you to get over it. Do you miss the person themselves more? Or, do you miss the money the gifts more? Losing a sub can hurt a lot. Whatever the case is, be prepared if you look deeper into it that you may  bare some of the blame and...
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by on June 20, 2022
I am living a very comfortable life here in Phoenix. Executive Mistress of ClubFem Arizona. Have a few Real Life subs who serve me regularly. Semi Retired Pro Domme, but play and take sessions or calls when the mood strikes Me. It's always nice to check social media to see how the World of Domination and The Matriarchy is doing. Catching up, seeing how some of my old Domme girlfriends are doing and making sure the slut boys are serving them well. Times have definitely changed from when I started...
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by on June 18, 2022
Trying to enforce image guidelines to members who upload an image that barely breaks TOS because when other members see that image they take it further and then say well she did it etc is just getting exausting. we cant do it. Image rule will stay the same but will lighten up a bit. 1 As long as we cant see nipple, vagina or asshole ( uhg that sounds horrible ) you are fine ...
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by on June 17, 2022
I sat in my office chair squirming just waiting for the email. The email that would tell me my weekly allowance amount. All my money goes into an account controlled by Madame Morrigan. Money goes in, bills get drafted from the same account. And each week I receive an email explaining my allowance breakdown. But today was different. Normally I receive the email by 9 am but today it was 1130 am and no email. I was getting nervous. Was I even getting an allowance this week? I was hoping so. Im fair...
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by on June 13, 2022
Summer is finally here and I am having a blast! What have you been up to so far? your findom Mistress and femdom Queen has been doing a lot of back-end work, but here’s some stuff that actually might affect you! New Editing Software ...
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by on June 10, 2022
Warning: This is a work of femdom fiction.Indications of relating to anything happening real or imagined is purely coincidental. Correcting Her Sisters Husband   ...
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by on June 7, 2022
Sending unsolicited genital pictures is not funny. Sending them is also not cute. Would you approach a stranger on the street and expose yourself to them? Why on earth would anyone do something of this nature? I have a small theory. They seek attention, and any attention will do. Even negative attention which is likely what they are after. I assume they think that once they send it, that you will give them all kinds of wtf hell. And the funny thing  is to watch them inplode on themselves when yo...
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by on May 28, 2022
I had not planned to go to New Orleans this October, but now I will be. I will be part of the Second Line Parade for DomCon. I have not been active in the lifestyle since November. I have been dealing with the loss of my significant other and mother-in-law due to complications of Covid. Now I have a third loss. My owned sub had not called or texted in a week. This is very out-of-character for him. Even when in the hospital, he would text me regularly. He was fighting cancer for the third t...
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