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by on June 16, 2020

This is something that I can't seem to say enough.  Educate yourself. It could be anything from other fetishes to research how to be successful. I have three books I will recommend and why.

Thriving in Sexwork by Lola Davina. This book is so important to read for some many reasons. Lola goes into detail about planning and why. She also takes the time to explain through experience why taking moments out for yourself is so needed. I took up her book in a time when I wasn't sure if this was even close to the route I ever wanted to make and honesty best investment to this day. Read it cover to cover the first time then go back and make notes. You can find her on amazon.

How I Made $10,000 A Month As A Phone Sex Operator (English Edition)

Amberly Rothfield I have not finished this one yet. However, I will still recommend for the simple fact that it has ALL the basics of really making money in any online business. Just remember that in order to succeed all you need are 100 clients paying you $50 a month. - Nina 

Financial Domination: Tales of an Online Mistress (English Edition)

Amberly Rothfield Now this one truly had me howling with laughter. Amberly goes into detail about some of her clients and the experience she has had. Each one giving tips as to how to keep these clients longer and longer in your pocket. She also has a forward way of explaining the normal expectancy of clients. She gives realistic examples.  Make sure to read about the angry seagull. It really is worth the laugh. While this book isn't finished it should be updated soon.

These books are not that expensive but they are worth every single penny. I thought it would be of use to a lot of you. Enjoy the reading *Tips my hat to you*

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The first one by Amberly is wonderful, I learned so much from it! I'll have to read the second one.
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I love the first book, it has some really good tips
Like July 29, 2020
Mistress Charlotte
They are just good reads in general too. I agree, education is important.
Like July 29, 2020
Gothess Chloe
I love new books to read and I agree that education is key. I'll have to check these out!
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