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by on December 2, 2021

Your wife is fucking beautiful. You? Not so much. No, I haven't seen her. Every woman is fucking beautiful. And her and I, together, will destroy you. 

Homewrecking? Not in the traditional sense. That gives me no satisfaction. I will show your wife her worth, and show her what a worm you are. I'll show her a whole new life she deserves, like the Queen she is. 

Before you know it your wife and I will be fucking on your bed while you sleep in a dog crate. No need for that pindick of yours anymore. Don't worry, we will let you out to go to work. While you're slaving away 12 hour shifts we will be out to brunch, telling all your friends wives the lives they could have. 

You're entire cute little HOA neighborhood will follow along. All the husbands locked away, pathetic excuses for cocks caged while all your sexy wives and I have delicious orgies and spend your paychecks. 

We will let you boys get together occasionally, for old times sake. But you wont be drinking beers and playing golf. We will take you all to the neighborhood dog park, leashed and quivering like the little pups you are. 


THAT is the only homewrecking your wives deserve. 

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Holy moly! I think I love you!
Like December 5, 2021
this girl this <3 LOVE IT
Like February 12, 2022
This made me grin. Love it.
Like March 23, 2022
I'd love for this to come true.
Like April 27, 2022
I'm sure. Try putting your money where your mouth is.
Like April 27, 2022