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Cash Verified Slaves
by on December 15, 2021

And in our society, money is power. 
That is why we do this. 
Men do not deserve power, especially a beta like you.
Who deserves power? 
I do. All women do. 
I should not need to ask for it. 
I should not need to demand it. 
I should not need to give you something to get something. 
You should relish the giving.
Your desire to pay me, if only to exist in the same world as you do, should be overwhelming. 
A true sub does not need coercion. 
A true sub knows their place.
A true sub knows they are not worthy. 
A true sub SUBMITS and sends.

This is about more than hurling meaningless insults demanding cash into a void. 
It is about domination, control, and your inferiority to me. It is about that the FACT that by virtue of my superiority to you, my womanhood, and your obsession with me, you are indebted to me in a way you can never fully repay. 

But you can try. 

I own you. 

Approach if you are a truly submissive individual seeking to serve and devote yourself to a benevolent Goddess. 
Good boys who understand their place get rewarded. 

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Exactly 💯
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Well said!
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