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by on January 6, 2022

I hear a lot of people outside of this kink referring to Findom as "money for nothing". 

And judging by the way that some of you ungrateful and disrespectful subs waste our time with non-existent or pitiful sends, some of you seem to think so, too. 

Dominating someone is understanding how to draw someone willingly into your web, just so you can devour them.

It is understanding the psychology of a submissive and exploiting the things that make them weak.  

It is building a relationship with your sub, and coming to know them better than they know themselves (they tend to have a fairly weak sense of identity, which makes this pretty easy). 

It is turning a human being with free will into your own personal puppet, to be manipulated as you please. 

It is knowing exactly how to break someone down so you can rebuild them to your liking.  

It requires creativity, intelligence, and dedication. 

It requires defying ideas about how a woman should behave that have been shoved down your throat since infancy. 

That is apart of why us Dommes are so far above you subs. We do all of these things, and we do them so well and so naturally that we make it look easy. 

It is not about being the bitchiest, the sexiest, the cruelest, or the most uncaring. 
It is about stepping into your power - as a woman, as a Goddess, as a Queen - and understanding your worth, unequivocally. It is about knowing what you deserve, and demanding it, now.

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Couldn't have been said any better! ❤😈
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