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by on April 18, 2022

We have had a recent situation regarding a member reporting another member as using her daughters pics on the site and for verify. Also claiming the daughter was underage at the time because of a different age here on the site not matching with another site our member was on, and because a slave also told her he met the member and the member was underage. 

This is a complaint we take VERY serious. We usually dont take ANY type of offsite info for serveral reasons. I cant make a conclusion to ban a member over any type of heresay or docs offsite that can possibly be altered. Does that mean they ARE altered. or the heresay is a lie, NO, but I cant take them as fact. I investigated anyway.


Here is what the main things that were reported and what I found. ( there were other screenshots from other websites and someone I dont know saying they met the person )


1. Birthdate on profile not matching the age of member. ( The reason for this is my fault. We were at a point of 1000 girls a day signing up from tiktok because of a viral video so we changed the bdate settings on the site to 21 and over. So the bdate years didnt go back as far for some members who may be a certain age )

2. Birthdate reported to me as 2003. ( after id verifying the member her birthdate was actually 7 years earlier ( 1996 so the member was not a minor at the time )

3. Member reported to the authorities ( but they have not contacted me, possibly because they came to the same conclusion.Im still willing to work with them )

At this point there isnt anymore I can do and I refuse to ban ANY member until I have proof. as Ive stated the license is 7 years older than what has been told to me. Making that person well into adulthood at the time.

If ANYONE has any solid info that refutes what Im saying PLEASE report it to the local authorities and they can contact me and I will handle the situation with them and remove the member if needed. 

This will be the last I speak on this as I dont want the member bullied when they have sufficiently proven they were of age. 

This member still has memberships on discord, twitter and other websites so either those sites have found the same info as i have that the member is of age at the time or we are the only site being attacked over this for some odd reason. 

When it comes to minors I understand people are passionaite, as am I, Im open to any solid evidence, but as of now I havent seen it.



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So this is about me and I’m so tired of it. I am me and only me. I do what I want when I want. No one controls me or what I do. I am an adult and have been for a long time. It just seems like there are some people that need to get a life of there own. I am verified on many platforms Only Fans Sexpan... View more
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I don't think you have anything to apologize for. First, it's weird that some lady is so invested in you, period and, second, she should have dropped the weirdness here after considering you were cam verified as who is in the pics of your profile, and are ID-verified and certainly of age. I'd kick... View more
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Tricky situation yet very well handled.
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👑Empress Demonia
All I know is Karmas a beautiful thing✨. Hugs 💜
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