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by on April 21, 2022

If you are a sub and not sure how to find a Domme, what better way then to buy a Domme a 1 year or more Royal Membership and get an upgraded membership for 1 year also. You will get a cash verified badge, see who is viewing your profile and also impress a Domme by upgrading her. 

1 year Royal is $75 + free 1 year membership for the slave.

Lifetime membership is $200 and FREE Lifetime membership for the submissive

Message me here on my profile for payment options


Domme membership info is here.

We offer twitter promotion to over 100,000 followers seeing my tweets and cliking your image back to your profile here..




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I want this and I know you want it.
Like July 26, 2022
Indeed so
Like July 28, 2022
What a superbly appropriate way to express the epitome of supportive from a sub to Domme. Plus a sure fire way to the path of becoming a #1or at least top 5 haha—brownie points, can I get an amen?
Like August 4, 2022
Great opportunity
Like August 7, 2022