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by on June 18, 2022

Trying to enforce image guidelines to members who upload an image that barely breaks TOS because when other members see that image they take it further and then say well she did it etc is just getting exausting. we cant do it.

Image rule will stay the same but will lighten up a bit.

1 As long as we cant see nipple, vagina or asshole ( uhg that sounds horrible ) you are fine

2. We still wont allow image stickers, hands over or fuzzed out parts. sorry I just dont want to see that here. My preference and it just looks tacky for a Femdom site

3. Images with some type of nipple guards or pasties that arent see through are fine.

4. If you see your pic missing it was because it violated these guidelines and we deleted it.


In the past these types of pics would get negative comments from members. This was one of the reasons we cracked down. These new additions are meant to alleviate us from more work so if we allow it, then we will not give any TOS or moderate any negative comments resulting from image upload reflcting this rule change. Youll just have to block that person.

Thank you

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