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  • Nails Sharpened

    Posted 10 hours ago by Valerie_Vixen

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    These poor, dull nails will hardly do any damage to the flesh of my slaves. They need to be hardened, sharpened, and polished to do the trick. I deserve to feel fearsome at all times. Be a good boy and tribute me a minim Read More...

  • Past Obligations

    Posted Thu at 8:16 PM by MissMorrigan

    1 Comment 1 Like 17 Views

    Scenario: you take on a sub or begin speaking with him. He seems very enthusiastic about serving you. Another domme contacts you and tells you that he left her service to come serve you. She also says that he has prior f Read More...

  • Advice for New/Gullible Slaves

    Posted Thu at 7:07 PM by MistressJuicyJules

    7 Comments 5 Likes 20 Views

    Advice for new Slaves and deeply gullible ones......After conversation on my timeline post I decided to note down my feelings in a blog as it seems to be a recurring theme. Everyone loves how much our site is growing day Read More...

  • The Sacrifice In Servitude.

    Posted Wed at 1:40 AM by QueenLiv


          This post is inspired by recent events. I decided that I have not touched on the subject of the real sacrifice expected of sub in a D/s TPE arrangement.    In life Read More...

  • Vicious Mind

    Posted Tue at 5:28 PM by KittyKatDomme

    3 Likes 50 Views

    When stripped down, men are pathetically weak. As such, a man’s emotions can be effortlessly manipulated; especially when their pride and ego are so easily shattered. Their resolve can be broken without trouble, an Read More...

  • Need vs. Want: Differentiation in Financial Domination

    Posted Tue at 11:01 AM by Mistress Alexxxia

    3 Likes 31 Views

    This will be brief, but I figured it needed a whole blog post instead of a simple status. And it is something that I just need to get out, both in rant and maybe to inform newer Dommes just starting out in this kink nich Read More...

  • Goddess Ariel

    Posted Mon at 10:10 AM by Goddess Ariel

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    I'm sweet, a good friend, but I'm not a nice girl. I can make your life hell, which you will love, but know that it's true. Take it as a warning. Now that you've been sufficiently warned, allow Me to introduce Myself to Read More...

  • The Perfect sub? or the right conditioning?

    Posted Feb 18 by MistressJuicyJules


    Perfect Sub or Perfect Conditioning?Approximately 7 months ago I connected with a sub who is very experienced within the lifestyle of financial domination and fetish play, over his lifetime he has visited many Domme's bu Read More...

  • Morrigan's Money Quest

    Posted Feb 18 by MissMorrigan


    Much like peeling a piece of plaster, he decided the best method of entering his pin number would be to do it without hesitation. He pressed the first digit -- eight -- as soon as he was prompted. His index finger wavere Read More...

  • Roles

    Posted Feb 17 by Goddessnelani

    17 Comments 7 Likes 170 Views

    The fact remains, I am a Financial Dominate and I enjoy my postition. I chose to write this Blog because my Ears and my cell phone keeps popping oFF. Lets begin with this Fetish has been out for years . Its a fetish of i Read More...

  • The woman, the Dominant

    Posted Feb 16 by Femme.S


    I shopped all day. That's literally all I did all day. I went looking for sexy/trashy lingerie and bought myself sexy boots and as I was looking at the sellers that were both women, I felt a sense of pride. They were sh Read More...

  • cuckoldben is mine

    Posted Feb 16 by Mistress_Aeval


    It is exciting to have a new sub under my wing. We have a lot in common and have great conversations. He is loyal and caring. He has been doing a few task for me and i enjoy him doing them. i am sure he enjoys doing them Read More...

  • Mistress Harley on Reply All Today

    Posted Feb 15 by Mistress Harley


    I was recently featured on the popular podcast Reply All. Here is a transcript of the episode or you can click the LINK to listen! xox Mistress Harley __________________________________________________________________ Read More...

  • Ashes To Ashes A Smoke slave Tale

    Posted Feb 15 by MissMorrigan


    Slowly she sat down on the couch and placed her glass of wine on the coffee table before her. Kicking off her shoes was a no brainer at this point. How those poor feet of hers ached. She grabbed the small, thin but shiny Read More...

  • Who's your Valentine?

    Posted Feb 14 by EuphoricLife

    2 Comments 1 Like 29 Views

    In efforts to flourish Valentine's Day spirit within the site, I have a wonderful game I would like to share with the masses. Don't be shy it is actually a rather simple math game after all within a findom community who Read More...

  • The day before Valentine's Day

    Posted Feb 13 by MistressMM1

    1 Comment 3 Likes 24 Views

    So I am sitting and relaxing thinking about tomorrow and all it entails. Tomorrow everyone is in love. Being in love is great but accepting that your single and your greatest love is yourself is even better. I love my hu Read More...

  • You Cucks Are Such Fun Little Toys

    Posted Feb 13 by Mistress Alexxxia


    While I always have the time of My life tormenting you, making you bend every which way for My amusement, spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on My spoiled life, it can get quite boring spending it alone. Good Read More...

  • Valentines day

    Posted Feb 13 by Mistress_Aeval

    1 Comment 4 Likes 27 Views

    Tomorrow is valentines day. the day that you tribute to a Domme/Goddess/Mistress. the day you show how much you adore her. The day that you make her happy like you should do everyday. I love tributes any day of the week Read More...

  • Cupid Subs

    Posted Feb 13 by MsPauleyBelle

    4 Likes 15 Views

    10 Things to buy your Domme this Valentine's Day     1. Flowers are nice. Best to match with another gift.  2. Clear her wishlist or purchase at least a few items. Look for ones marked high priority. Read More...

  • For the Cucks

    Posted Feb 13 by KittyKatDomme

    1 Like 41 Views

    Hello, Did you miss me? How could you when you visit my profile every day. Do my daily pictures get you excited? I bet you’ve rubbed your little micro-dick to my pictures. You are truly a wretched excuse Read More...