Cam Verification

What sets apart from other social media websites is require all Dommes to cam verify in our chatroom.  This is and always has been mandatory. Please follow ALL the steps below!

  1. Have at least 100 findom followers on twitter or other popular social media with a decent amount of content
  2. A Financial OR Femdom website that has a decent amount of content or has been up for a few months.
  3. Wix or free web service sites are fine as long as you have a decent amount of Findom content.
  4. If you are a Pro or Lifestyle Domme and can show some presence we welcome you for free also.
  5. Free verification will be at the discretion of our verifiers.
  • You can pay a ONE-TIME non-refundable $10 verification fee to your chat verifier, payable either via or Paypal. (If you would like to use this option, please wait for a verifier to give you instructions before sending anything, anywhere!)
  1. Make sure you have a clear face pic uploaded to your profile ( you can delete later if you want to remain private )
  2. Make sure you are on google chrome, firefox browser OR android phone ( cams only work on these )
  3. Make sure you have your payment Or Twitter link to give to the verifier you are doing free verify.
  4. Click the chatroom link on the menu top of the site.
  5. Ask to be verified in the chatroom. Ask for Admin or Miss_Back_Alley 

You can contact Admin by clicking this link Contact Admin


We have had serious problems with posts on tik tok, twitter and other platforms that go viral, saying financial domination is the same as sugar babying, its easy money etc etc. We were getting over 1000 females a day swarming the site for the free cash. These girls had no experience and were posting nudes, begging for money, offering sexual favors etc. The site was a mess and we were not able to control it.

There are new ( very strict ) internet guidelines called Fosta/Sesta that can shut us down for these things now. So we are more selective in who we allow on the site now. Does this mean we dont want Dommes that have no experiance in Financial domination on That coudlnt be further from what we want here. We were all new so we welcome NEW Dommes.

We added a $10 fee for those that are serious. Its only $10. Here is why.

1. The verifiers do many FREE verifies and since I dont pay them its only fair they recieve some compensation
2. And the main reason is because we understand that girls that are here for quick money will not make the $10 investment to be on the site and it will filter out ALL of the issues we had before. AND it does,

We are NOT saying that if youre new you will have this type of behavior, BUT this is what works and its what we use to keep this community balanced and not a mess I have to clean up daily. We have been lenient on it at times but it never ends well, so we are strict on this rule.

We hope that clars up any confusion. It should be pretty easy for a slave on your twitter to send you a $10 gift card to pay for the verify.