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Female. Lives in  Tennessee,  United States. Born on February 23, 1980
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by on October 14, 2020
Let's talk about debt contracts for just a moment. There are a lot of you who are excited by the idea of being indebted to a Goddess such as myself. There are also a lot of you who could masturbate over your spreadsheets of that debt every single day. There are a very small number of you to actually follow through with the ideas and requirements laid out in the contract and keeping up the payments on the debt of your spreadsheet. I know that for most of you this is only a fantasy and there's...
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by on March 27, 2019
(Originally posted to FL, thought it might benefit here as well) This is all about love, don't take it degoritory!  I've had a few conversations about this recently with other Dommes, I thought it might be worthy of a read for some of you newer Dommes to the scene. There is an endless river of Dommes seeking Subs, often complaining that they can't find a 'real' Sub or a loyal Sub or any Sub at all for that matter. Let me say this first, I am not trying to tell anyone how to run their li...
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by on March 21, 2019
Suburbia is a scary place to me. I can not imagine living 20' away from the house next door and having everyone on my street in matching homes and cars. I have never been into the cookie cutter lifestyle. Having a sidewalk that connects me to every other person would be my own personal Hell. I love living out in the country, with my own 'space' and privacy. There are times that interactions with people online enter this form of "suburbia" where it all looks and feels the same across the board...
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by on March 19, 2019
I posted this a long time ago and thought it might be helpful to some of the new boys. I've added a little to what I said before; I'm not scolding anyone, just offering a reminder. When approaching a Mistress/Domme for the first time, your opening comments are your first impression and if you blow it, don't expect a reply (not a friendly one anyway). I can't speak for other Dommes but can I tell you that I do not enjoy reading "Hello Mistress, can I be your Sub" over and over from you boys. ...
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by on March 18, 2019
I have a Submissive, who I will call “Dr. AP”. We first met online, because he was searching for a local Domme he could talk to about his perversions. We chatted for many weeks before he finally admitted to me that he was extremely close to my location. We chatted for several more weeks before he admitted his profession. Once he did, it was pretty easy to figure out his exact identity. He wasn’t trying to hide it from me at this point, he knew admitting he was a family physician would narrow the...
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by on March 6, 2019
Fictional fantasy for Sam the cash-cuck Sam and I had been dating for about a year. The relationship was going well, he was always very submissive to me in the relationship but the sex had never gone much outside of the typical vanilla fun. Sam was totally in love with me, if I said jump, he asked how high. He would literally do anything I asked of him, and do it with a smile on his face. He would routinely go out of his way to do sweet things for me, like flowers to my office or sweet notes ...
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by on March 23, 2016
This is officially my 100th Blog Post. I have debated what to write about. I was going to write up 100 things that a Sub/Slave could do to worship his Goddess. I was going to write up my 100 favorite gifts. I even thought about writing up 100 tips for struggling or new Dommes. However, I changed my mind on all of those and decided to go a different route. (besides that would all be a bore probably lol) I've said before, I stay away from the Drama and the confrontation as much as humanly possi...
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