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Female. Lives in  Australia. Born on April 14, 1992
About Me
I am a queen you are not worth the ground I walk on, my time is precious and valuable 👑

Status Update

What's everyone's HARD Limits?
the usual **** and animals....
Miss Spoiled Rotten
I honestly don't have any. I used to ask myself that question ALL of the time.. and I hadn't found any. I usually wait for the weaklings to tell me their fantasies and crush their hopes if I'm uninterested. I hadn't stumbled upon any subs with fantasies outside of my realm yet.
👑Queen Demonia
Crush/animals, pedaphile fetishes.
(No one has no hard limits--that's generally just 'talking big'. Otherwise, murder, incest, pedophilia, bestiality, and [you imagine] are all on the table and, obviously, entertaining much of the above doesn't make someone kinky, it makes them criminal or worse)
Hard limits? Within the context of findom? I would say blackmail is something I do not enjoy at all, nor is giving over passwords / access to a personal computer. Obviously any kind of underage stuff is out as is playing with dommes that have not been 3rd party identified.