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Goddess Ives

Female. Born on November 11, 1988
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by on January 9, 2020
What could she possibly be talking about? Come a little closer and I'll tell you. Take care of yourselves- by that I mean logging off social media when enough is enough. Take time to spend with your friends and family. Put the devices away. They will be there when you come back. The subs that TRULY want to serve you and put your happiness first will wait for you. Not the other way around. Make them wait on you hand and foot. You're the Domme. Serving you and being in your presence should be a co...
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by on October 27, 2016
Death of a family member is never easy and W/we all grieve in O/our own ways. I for one, always seem to withdraw from people I know and keep to Myself for weeks. Often even months at a time. In the last couple of months I have lost three people very near and dear to Me. Two of My older, great aunts have passed within weeks of each other. I also lost an uncle of Mine. One was battling cancer, one died from a heart attack, and finally Alzheimer's/old age. Talking about death is never easy. Grievin...
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by on August 10, 2016
If there's anything that I don't fare well with - that is rude boys. I understand if there is a Domme that you are not particularly attracted to, aren't committed to serving or you don't find her to be dominant enough for you. Fine. Not every Domme on here has to be your cup of tea. That is no excuse for you to be rude or say nasty things to!! Pardon My French - but fuck you for body shaming, telling Her she is ugly or flat out being rude. If you don't want to serve Her you may RESPECTFULLY decl...
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by on August 9, 2016
I am a Domme and a Superior, first and foremost. If you are a sub and are seriously considering approaching Me, address Me solely as Goddess or Empress. I will not tolerate disrespect. Read My profile. I am a FinDomme. Money, gifts, and surprises are My first and most favorite. I enjoy receiving and you enjoy giving. If we've had more than a few conversations and have spent time getting to know each other, go grab something off My wishlist. Doesn't have to be big or expensive. Something to say "...
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by on August 5, 2016
Okayyyyyy. Let's get real for just a minute. I've been meaning to get something off My chest. We're all here for subs to tribute us. Right? Big, small, thoughtful tributes. We want them all. However, it is not our place to bash other Dommes on what tributes they post. Soooo fucking what if a Domme gets a huge drive by tribute and posts it on here. Maybe it made Her really happy and wanted to share it. Grown ass women support other women instead of attempting to tear them down or make them feel b...
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by on July 23, 2016
I am a recent college grad and a new business owner - hence My hiatus as of late. I left Findoms for about a year or so, and I missed it VERY much. I have a Bachelors in BA (Business Administration) and My Alpha and I own a catering company/food truck. I find Myself very lucky because I get to travel doing what u love. I'm MARRIED - Which in MY - notice I said My - opinion, is pretty hot. My husband knows that I do this, and he obliges. He provides My every single want and need. I enjoy this kin...
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by on July 22, 2016
Okay - it has to be said. Ladies - you do NOT have to use your sexual organs to get tributes, gifts, etc. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with teasing the boys - by all means. But please - use your intelligence and the tips and tricks our fellow Domme Guardian Angels have left before us. It's called subliminal messages, mind fuck, hypnosis etc etc. I can sit here and talk about it all day. If you're posting nudes, half nudes, implied nudes, whatever - you are giving it all away. An...
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by on July 20, 2016
So I've been back on this site for one month and one day. (Previously known as Goddess Ivory.) At times it seems like I was gone forever. Since returning I've noticed that I have put a lot time and effort into this and I have met some very lovely Dommes (and subs) since I joined back in 2014. Sadly when I left I had to release a couple of very loyal boys and I am having mixed feelings about it. I have seen that a couple of them are now owned, and I wish them all the best. I can't say that I didn...
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by on July 10, 2016
I can only imagine this has been written before, but here it goes again. There is a popular misconception that a FinDomme isn't really a "Domme" if she isn't doing sessions/selling clips/yada yada. Wrong. A Domme DOES NOT have to do anything in return for a tribute or gift unless it was specified that it was given for that reason. A submissives wants or needs are meaningless unless you and your Domme have discussed otherwise. The "findom" aspect of this site is about men willingly giving their m...
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by on July 4, 2016
As most of you know I recently took a much needed vacation. Away from social media, findoms, and the like. My head was constantly throbbing and I spent far too much time on this site, Skype and Twitter. I deleted everything. That's not to say that I don't absolutely enjoy this part of My lifestyle. However for a while it controlled Me, instead of the other way around. With that being said, I am a busy woman with priorities and a life that must come first and foremost. If you're looking for a Dom...
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