by on May 31, 2018

This screenshot was taken early so not many people in chat but we are pretty close to done.

Here are some features.

1. HD cams and VERY crisp audo with no echo. ( You need to be on Chrome or Firefox browser and cn also use Android phones to be on cam. ) this is html5, no more flash!

2. Quick message ( this is a public highlighted message to user you chose ) ALL members can use this

3. Whisper ( this is a PRIVATE message sent in chat to user thats highlighted ) Upgraded members only. Be careful what you say as you may hit wrong charachter and it goes public.

4. Private Message in Im window. ( completely private one on one to member in chat popup ) Upgraded members. This is great because you can till see whats in main chat.

5. Chat badges for each member level. 

6. Country flags so you can see what country a user is from. We will also get this for profile pics on site.

7. Mobile chat now works but we need to fix the layout. doing that this week.

We will be adding more features also.


You can see chat here