by on June 3, 2018

I know all ladies regard their time as sacred. I hold my days off work as sacred too. But there is one day per week that is sacred above all others. Sunday, is what I refer to as goddess day. On goddess day you will expect no communication from me. I may however communicate with you if I feel like it. But on goddess day, there should be no expectations of partaking of my time. I dont care how long you have been in my service. I dont care how much you have given in your service to me. On goddess day , it is my day to fully unwind and charge myself up for the upcoming work week. I want to do as little as possible on this day.

Smart boys will curb their inclination to write to me on this day, unless they wish to possibly be ignored. However, as it custom, gift cards may be sent during this day but do not expect a thank you nore a response. Gifts given on this day would be considered tributes or tithes. These gifts or tithes will be graciously accepted as they should be sent.And on the seventh day she rested so it was reported. She who will be above all and treated accordingly on this day. You will hold the goddess day sacred as she has held your service sacred. Only the good ones will get it and adhere to the rules of it. So as it should be, so as it should be done.