by on June 6, 2018

Some guys need to come to terms with the fact that..

Just because you stiffened up consuming #Femdom content does not mean being in the physical position of a sub is going to be arousing for both parties. Did you hear that? BOTH PARTIES. Yes, Dommes are part of the D/s equation & without Us you are simply voyeurs, bottoms, critics. Many of you slap the label of "SUB" onto yourselves but for various reasons it just doesn't seem to stick. Your Domme validates your submission. Without Us, who are you submitting to? A $6 clip? A picture of boots? A fantasy within your own mind?

This is where financial domination comes in as a training tool & eventually as the reality check that so many men need in their lives & their Femdom journey. The male mind is pliable when real life consequences leave their mark. A dwindling bank account allows him to SEE how needy he is or how self-serving his actions are. Pleasure can be heightened through tributes. Tasks take on a more profound understanding when attached to monetary accomplishments. There are physical numbers to guide a sub's journey to deeper submission & possible ownership as well as enhancing Hers. 

Without findom, there is an imbalance. Men can never provide a Dominant Woman with the same amount of pleasure & satisfaction that She effortlessly provides for him. We live in a penis-centric world that won't change until money & assets start changing hands. Serving a Domme financially switches the gears towards a more meaningful D/s relationship that can potentially impact our day-to-day lives & isn't that why we're here?