by on June 7, 2018

Here to Stay , Here to Play with interesting subs who enjoy pampering and pleasing a Beautiful woman. Dominate by nature, in tune with who I am. Kinky of course, what drew to here, isnt it obvious? it sux at times that what we are and whom we are is Judged in the Vanilla world , how tricky is that? Deep inside you have a fetish, you love to WEAR WOMENS CLOTHING but Society Deems you confused. I Love to SEE you in Womens clothing , this PLEASES me, AM I confused, no I am not and if that is the Opinion, Screw them because I DO NOT care. Opinions Ladies and SLaves are like assholes We all have them.


I share my feelings as for years I have owned my Pets here and grown to Love them as they LOVE me. I trust them, they trust me. I enjoy getting to know Men, they amuse me, they thrill me and they submit to me. I am Human just like you with thoughts, feelings, dreams, goals ambitions and I believe in chasing my DREAMS catching them and making them my REALITY. Common Sense isnt that common anymore , I do detest a male who assumes his Money CONTROLS me, that is not submissive behavior and NEVER will I accept it. 

You came here looking for something, Embrace it BEcaue its rare to find, think of all the Miserable bastards who have MONEY and have to live a Lie, deep inside they would give Anything to be themselves, whether it be a toilet licker, a cross- dresser, a pay- pig, a cock- sucker, a sissy or just find that one dominat woman who they could truly be themselves with and find that Peace within. 


Findom is very much misunderstood but you are here now, embrace it, enjoy it, live it. If you view my profile, you may contact me. At this time I am very very busy but I enjoy being spoiled and will get back to you. I much prefer a mind , a beautiful one because being a kinky bitchboy doesnt make you a Dummy. However behaving like a dummy makes you a dummy. Be real and straight to the Point becaue by no means will I sugercoat or compromise what I feel nor what I want to apease a man.


Pleasure to meet you if only in this Blog.


The Goddess Nelani Westscott