by on June 8, 2018

Below is our latest Slave Contract update. Changes are that Orgasm Denial is spelled out in detail and, at the very end, one more Add-on month has been added. Thank you, Mistress Pauley, for letting me commit to be your slave.


Slave Contract



This contract commits sorrysub, known as "slave", to serve Ms Pauley Belle, known as "Mistress Pauley" or "Mistress", from March 15, 2018 through March15, 2019. Slave will serve Mistress Pauley by spending on Mistress Pauley and performing other tasks as noted below. Mistress will do nothing for slave except as she wishes.


Slave consents to be Mistress Pauley's slave.





As slave is in need of Mistress Pauley's domination and control, slave wishes to enter into a one year contract with Mistress to please her and benefit from her domination. Slave recognizes that he is required to please and spoil Mistress the best he can. Slave will continue to take an attitude of gratitude and submission to Mistress Pauley for spending time with slave and giving him what she wishes to give.



Terms of Slavery


Slave will please Mistress Pauley as best he can. Slave will sacrifice for Mistress Pauley in order to please her. Slave will offer Mistress Pauley gifts, tributes, bill payments, blog posts and any other offerings and sacrifices as slave believes will please her.


Slave will submit to the will of Mistress Pauley. Although it is recognized that it is difficult for anyone to submit completely to another, slave will continue to make progress toward sacrificing everything for Mistress Pauley.


Slave will always treat Mistress with respect and courtesy.


Slave may ask for special treats but each such request will be accompanied by a gift. If Mistress allows the treat, a thank you gift will be offered. If Mistress denies the treat, a larger gift will be offered along with a submissive thank you letter.


Slave will beg frequently for Mistress's pleasure. In no way will his begging be interpreted as asking for anything. Slave deserves only what Mistress wishes to give.


The terms of this contract are minimums. Slave will offer Mistress more that required.


Slave will make all sacrifices, tributes, gifts and bill payments on his knees naked. If privacy concerns interfere, sacrifices will be made without being on his knees naked. Sacrificing to Mistress takes priority over formality.


Slave's level of spending may decrease if his retirement savings in the stock market decrease. Slave may reduce his spending in such case but will not stop serving Mistress due to lack of funds.



Each January, slave will assess his financial situation and offer an annual spending amount to Mistress Pauley. The amount will be an estimation of slave's ability to pay and not a minimum or maximum.



Scheduled Items


Slave will offer a gift or gifts to Mistress each Monday.


Slave will pay Mistress a tribute of $150 each Thursday.


Slave will pay Mistress' car insurance as required.


Slave will pay Mistress' homeowners insurance as required.


Slave will pay for Mistress Pauley's nail and hair appointments.


Slave will pay for Mistress' cell phone service and whatever phones she may want.


Slave will pay Mistress' annual tax bill, all at once or in quarterly installments as it pleases Mistress Pauley.


Slave will write at least one blog post every month praising Mistress Pauley and declaring his slavery to her and his desire to please her. The blog will encourage other subs to commit to their dommes.


Slave will pay for meals for Mistress and her guests as it pleases Mistress Pauley.


Slave will carry Mistress's bags while shopping during real time visits.



Orgasm Denial


Slave will not release without Mistress Pauley's permission. Slave will not ask for permission. Mistress Pauley may offer release as she sees fit. Slave will submissively go without symbolizing his need to do without for Mistress Pauley's pleasure. However, slave may talk about orgasm denial in general, thank Mistress for it, tell her how it makes him feel and so forth.


Slave will pay or gift Mistress Pauley monthly for the privilege of submitting to Orgasm Denial. The gift or tribute will be meaningful. Slave will post on why the offering is meaningful.


Slave may ask to touch as long as requests are infrequent. If allowed, slave will offer a thank you gift to Mistress Pauley.



Additional Months To Serve


Slave may ask to extend his contract for additional months. This will only come into play if slave terminates the contract on the termination date, March 15 currently. Slave will continue to serve submissively for the additional number of months outstanding.


When the number of months reaches 12, slave will commit to serve Mistress Pauley for one more year. Further, the new year will start with 3 months in additions. In other words, slave will always be in debt for at least 3 months of extra service. As of March 15, 2018, there are 5 months.



Quarterly Review


Slave will submit to a quarterly review where Mistress will give her feedback so slave can improve his service to her.



Online Shopping


Slave has given his user id and passwords to Mistress so she can shop for herself. Slave will pay all bills generated by Mistress and thank her submissively. Slave will from time to time offer Mistress passwords to other shopping sites.



Safe, Sane, Consensual


While slave will Sacrifice for Mistress Pauley, slave will limit his spending to what he can afford. Slave will budget for his slavery and discuss his financial situation with Mistress. In no way shall slave spend so much as to require that he stop serving Mistress Pauley.


However, slave will spend until he is stressed and anxious about money. Part of the slave experience is to sacrifice to Mistress Pauley and that sacrifice should be difficult for slave. In other words, "give 'til it hurts."



Termination of Contract


Slave may terminate this contract for exceptional reasons after discussing with Mistress and obtaining her permission. At the end of the time period, slave may terminate the contract after discussion with Mistress. However the contract is ended, slave will pay an Exit Fee as determined by Mistress. Slave will pay one car insurance payment and one cell phone bill after the end of each contract no matter how terminated.



Begging to commit


Please, Mistress Pauley, please let me commit to being your slave, Mistress, please? I will do as required, Mistress as well as any more terms you wish to add while I am serving you, Mistress. I need to be your slave so badly, Mistress. Please, Mistress?





Signed by sorrysub - March 26, 2018






Slave will offer Mistress more terms of service during the year. Mistress may demand more terms of service as she sees fit.


1. Mistress has allowed slave to add one extra month to his slavery commitment making a total of six months.


2. Mistress has allowed slave to add one extra month to his slavery commitment making a total of seven months.