by on July 8, 2018


Cutting off your nose to spite your face. This is what some Dommes do. Do not completely break your sub mentally, physically, or financially. Do not make it so he cannot afford to go to power lunches with coworkers. This is where the big boys decide who moves up that corporate ladder. Don't you want your sub to move up? This means more money in the bank for you.


Make sure your sub has adequate funds in his account to further his career. They have to look the part. A poorly dressed sub is not going up that ladder. Pick out his suits for him. Choose that special power tie. When he wears it he will remember how important it is to further his career to please you.


An ill sub does not advance in a world full of strong go-getters. Make sure he eats adequately, takes vitamins, and gets a yearly physical. His overall health is important. Make sure he has adequate sleep. No staying up all night watching porn. Broken toys are useless. 


Has your sub hit the glass ceiling at his current position? Has he become too complacent in a company he can go further in? Have your sub freshen up his resume. Have your sub renegotiate his salary. He must be aware of opportunities to further his career and take them.


Encourage him to seek out and rub elbows with those that can further his career. Take that supervisor out to a nice meal and schmooze his way to a better position. The more powerful contacts he networks with, the better for his career. 

We want our subs to present well to the corporate world. The higher the rung the, bigger the paycheck, the better the spoiling. Personally, I enjoy having subs that I can be proud of. They should be losers at your feet, not at the corporate world. Kick him up that ladder of success.