by on July 10, 2018

Clicker Heroes is a free incremental clicker game available on various platforms and online. It's the kind of game that goes on forever, which makes playing with me an endless stream of fetish fun! You'll have lots of opportunities to spoil me while we play. I play and offer the findom aspects of the game through Steam. You'll have to play until your first ascension (minimum level 100) so you can join my guild and start your servitude. Everything that is an aspect of the game is visible to every guild member, so you can be assured there is no cheating or misinformation or abuse of power and there's also a message board.


Base Tribute Amount (to join): $0.05 per level (current level; minimum level: 100, proof required.)

Weekly Tribute (to stay): $0.01 per level (highest level. Proof confirmed thru guild page)

Boss Tributes (daily) are expected to occur according to these perameters:

If I defeat the Boss myself without sub assistance: $1 per boss level 

example: If the boss is level 64, and no subs helped me defeat the boss, all guild members pay a $64 tribute.

If submissives help me defeat the daily boss: $1 per boss level, divided by the total # of submissives who helped me defeat him.

example: If the boss is level 64 and 8 submissives helped me defeat the boss, 64 divided by 8 means every guild member pays me an $8 tribute.

Earn Points: you must be an active guild member to get points. Points are based on your highest level & the number of guild members (excluding me). Points can be traded for tasks & other unique rewards. Read more here.

Levels 0 - 1,000: 1 point per 10 levels

Levels 1,000 and up: 1 point per 100 levels.

Point Multiplier: guild members x number of points you are owed. If you're on level 100 and there's 2 guild members, you are rewarded with 20 points. (100/10 = 10; 10 x 2 = 20.)

Failure to pay your Daily & Weekly Tributes will result in termination from the guild.

Solo Play

You can still spoil me while you play the game by yourself if the guild is too intimidating for you.

Level Tribute: $10 per 1,000 levels. 

Achievement Tribute: $5 each

Ascension Tribute: $10 each

Transcension Tribute: $25 each

Earn 1 point per $5 tributed. 

How we can play

Mobile (android). Current guild level: 3

PC (steam): Current guild level: 55

this game is not available with my findom snapchat.