by on July 11, 2018

I've rigged up a special block tower puzzle! It's like Jenga, but ten times better because each block has something super special written on it! It could be a task for you to do for me, or it could be an amount of money for you to tribute to me, or it could tell you which item from my wishlist you're going to buy me!

Tribute Block amounts range from $25-$100 

Gift Blocks options are "your choice" , "my choice", "whole cart" etc

Task Blocks below are some examples of the sorts of tasks written on the blocks. This is the "mild" tower so these are supposed to be relatively "vanilla" tasks. You may be awarded points if I'm impressed by your task performance. Points can be traded for various rewards.

  • tie up your balls
  • edge yourself x times
  • slap your cock x times
  • write on body (various things)
  • my choice of task

We go until you run out of money, or the tower falls. 

If we make it until you run out of money, I WIN!

If we make it until the tower falls, YOU WIN and you'll get rewarded with 1 point per 2 blocks drawn. You can read more about points here.

How we can play

I play this game on KIK, Snapchat, discord & Skype. Tribute up front required. 

Snapchat - this is where I do most of my findom. Every day I play a game, any of the physical ones in my closet (card, dice & board games only), I keep track of who tributes and complete tasks and if you all keep me pleased you'll get to see how I spoil myself and spend your money. You must send a tribute to join, the tribute amount you send correlates to how long you get to stay on my friends list.