by on July 12, 2018
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Temporarily.Exposed is a website where people upload embarrassing photos of themselves. The photos can be set to expire after a certain amount of time (by me, posting on your behalf with your consent). Viewers (visitors on the website) hit the "extend" button to keep the photo up on the website for longer.

A poster can decide a number of things regarding the posted photo:

1. An expiration time; the length of time the picture will be visible on the website. Your post will expire after this time unless it has been 'extended' by a viewer.

2. The Amount of times your picture can be extended. You can limit this to be sure your photo will be gone after a max amount of total time.

3. The length of a single extension. When someone clicks 'extend', this setting determines how much longer the post will be visible.

It's an excellent venue for exhibitionists! Just as a sanity note: this is not black mail; this is humiliation and exhibitionism. I will always keep the option to delete the post. Also the website itself has protection methods embedded to prevent misuse. 

How to Play:

1: Select your Play type & Send me a tribute.

The amount of $ you send will correlate to the settings I pick for your post, specifically the "expiration time" and the "length of extension". Think roughly $1 per minute. If you're more comfortable setting these settings yourself, that's fine, I'm open to discussing it and coming to an agreement first; however, in this case I will give you a minimum tribute amount to send. Please tell me the sort of play option you'd like in DM.

2: Send me a photo

You can choose the nature of the photo, or you can let me choose for you. 

3: Setting Rules for Your Game

According to the type of "play" you selected, we will have different things to discuss and establish before the game can begin. You'll see these listed below in the play style descriptions. If you choose light play, for example, this is the step where we'll discuss the tribute-per-extension amount. If you choose a play style with tasks, this is where I'll ask you for your preferences, limitations, and etc.

4: Let the Game Begin!

I'll post your photo and we will sit back and wait for the extensions. I prefer to sit on cam while we wait, or at least watch you on cam so I can see your anticipation and you do any required tasks and so I can tease you about what I'm going to spend your money on, the popularity/growth of your post, and if/when I'm going to share your post around for more people to see!

At my discretion I may choose to advertise your post on my social media and other venues to humiliate you futher. You'll remain anonymous and just be referred to as "a submissive" for these posts. Again: the point of this is not black mail, it is exhibitionism. Do not give me any photos to post that you are not comfortable with being on the Internet. Points are an optional attribute; good game players can be awarded points at my discretion or at a set rate to trade for rewards. You can read more about points here.

This is my favorite game.

Light Play

 Every extension, you pay a flat tribute amount to me.

agreed upon by us.

points: you can earn 1 points per 100 views and 1 per 5 extensions.

Medium Play

 Every extension, I will roll a die to determine whether you will tribute or do a task.

Even is a tribute. Odd is a task.

die is a 1d6. Tribute is result x5. if I roll a 2, your tribute is $10.

Task is selected by me from my master task list, your limitations are always honored.

points: you can earn 1 point per 75 views and 1 point per 3 extensions.

Heavy Play

 Every extension, I will roll a die to determine your tribute amount and a task for you to complete

Task is selected by me from my master task list, your limitations are always honored.

die is a d12, tribute amount is the result x10. If I roll a 6 your tribute amount is $60.

points: you can earn 1 point per 50 views 

Extreme Play

 Your post is set to never expire with unlimited extensions. 

Requires a minimum up front tribute of $100.

Each extension you will receive a task and a tribute amount determined by die rolls.

I roll a d12 and a d20.

Tribute amount is d12 + d20. If the result is 10 and 15, your tribute is $25.

d20 result determines the task. Number corresponds to a custom task list I've made for you based on your preferences and limitations.

points: you can earn 1 point per 25 views and 1 point per extension.