by on July 12, 2018

You can find my list of decks and their descriptions in this blog.

Points are a voluntary way of getting more out of your winnings by playing games with me. Read more about them here.

I can play these card games through snapchat, kik, discord or skype. Exceptions are listed for specific games.


Available with: Basic, Disgrace or Hardcore decks

I draw a card for you and a card for me. 

Whoever draws the higher card picks which of the revealed actions written on the cards that you do.

If we draw the same card value, I put down 3 face down for each of us and a 4th "draw" card.

If I win the "war", you pay all of the revealed tributes.

If you win the "war," you do all of the revealed tasks.

We play until you take all of the cards from me, or until you run out of money!

points: you can earn points at my discretion.


Available With: Gold deck

I lay out all of the cards face down in a neat grid. Your job is to find the matches.

Every 3 matches you find earns you a task.

Every 5 matches you can remove a "match" from the double diamond bonus.

If the two cards you select are not matches:

You pay a tribute that is the sum of the value of the two cards.


If both of the cards are black, I will shuffle and re-lay one row of cards.

If both of the cards are red, the value of the numbers is multiplied together for your tribute, instead of added.

If both of the cards are diamonds, you pay a tribute of the sum of all the matches.

If both of the cards are spades, I shuffle and relay all of the remaining cards.

points: you can earn 1 point per successful match

Card Drain

Available With: Basic, Disgrace, Hardcore & Tribute decks

This "game" is hardly a game at all. I flip, you do what the card says. The first card in the deck will be a tribute.

Tasks get retired (taken out of the deck)

Tributes do not. 

We go until you run out of money!

points: you can earn points at my discretion.

Go Fish

You will need your own deck of cards to play. Game must be played through live streaming. We both may, at any time, demand to see the hand of each other. When that happens, we both must redraw a hand and shuffle our old hands back into our draw deck. This is a cheating deterrent. abuse of this priviledge is not tolerated.

Matches go into two piles, one for me and one for you. (for when we "give" each other cards)

I go first, because I'm the Princess.

If there is no match, the person who asks draws a card.

If there's a match, what happens depends on the deck we're playing with.

Gold Deck

Tribute before playing is required with this deck.

We play the game like normal. Winner is determined by whoever runs out of cards in their hand first.

If I win, you pay me the sum of all of my matches as a winning tribute.

If you win, you tribute me the difference between the sums of our matches and you get a special custom task to complete!

Basic, Disgrace & Hardcore Decks

If the match is mine, you pay the revealed tribute. If my match card is a task, nothing happens.

If the match is yours, you do the revealed task. If the match card is a tribute amount, nothing happens.

The game is over when someone runs out of cards.

Winner is determined by the total combined card value of our matches.

If you win, you get to pick half of the tasks that were discarded in both of our piles to perform.

If I win, you tribute me all of the tributes in your match pile.

points: you can win points for matches (equal to card value) and at my discretion for tasks.