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These games are played through apps on smartphones. I use an android, whether or not we'll be able to play together if you use ios depends on the specific game.

You can read about points here.

Words With Friends

Games must be completed within 24 hours.

Cheating is not tolerated... from you. I will openly cheat and rub your face in it.

Because I'm the Princess and I can.

There are 2 ways to play this game

1: Tribute Up Front

You send me a tribute up front and we play until the end game.

You give me a tribute of at least $1 per point I win by.

If, by some miracle, you happen to win, I'll give you a task. Task is determined by the amount you tributed me up front.

2: Passive Tributes

After every round, you send a tribute.

The tribute amount is determined by the score difference. (If my score is 37, and your score is 23, you send me $14.) It doesn't matter who has the higher score, your tribute is the numerical difference.

If your score is higher than mine, I'll write the numerical difference down as your "points" (If your score is 37, and my score is 23, your "points" total is 14.)

If you win the game, you'll receive 1 point per point you win by, determined by score total.

my username is PlayfulPrincessClara

Disney Tsum Tsum

You can add me just to send me ♥ and 200 in-game coins if you like. You can send 1 per hour, it only costs your time.

my line username is cutenesstsumtsum I play the international version of the game.





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