by on July 13, 2018

I have literally too many dice sets to list, so I'm not going to bother. These games are played with physical dice on KIK, Snapchat, Skype and Discord. 

Some games will involve a couple of special coins I have for games:

Operation Coin: one side contains a "+" (add) and the other contains a "x"  (multiply)



I draw a picture of you in parts. You can choose whether you want to be a flaccid tiny dick, a piggy, or a cow. My preferred thing to draw is obvious.

The part I draw is determined by the roll of a single d6. Below I have the list of the required number for each part. I must do the parts in the listed order.

1: body/shaft

2: head

3: legs/ball

4: arms/ball

5: eyes/pubes

6: additional details

When I roll the die, I will either get the number required to draw the body part, or I won't.

If I do not get the number required, you pay me a tribute. The tribute is determined by the number I need to get multiplied by the number I did roll.

example: If we're on the second number (draw the head), and I roll a 3, you pay me a tribute of $6.

The game is over when I either finish the drawing, or you run out of money.

If I manage to finish the drawing, you win 5 points + 1 point per every $10 tributed, and you might get lucky enough for me to sign and send it to you.

Even or Odd

Played with at least 2 d6. You can pick however many dice you'd like to play with.

I put the dice in a cup and flip the cup upside down on my desk. 

You guess whether the sum of the dice is even or odd.

If you guess correctly, you get 1 point per dice.

If you guess incorrectly, you tribute me the sum of the total revealed numbers.

10 Grand

The goal of this game is for you to reach 10,000 points before you run out of money.

(For clairty: these "points" are not the same as the points you can accumulate for rewards by playing with me)

I roll 6 (d6) dice for you once, and depending on how the dice fall, you will receive points:

Single 5 is 50 points

Single 1 is 100 points

Three of a kind is 100x the number rolled; except for 1, which is 1,000

Three pairs is worth 500 points. (Duplicates do not qualify)

A straight from 1 to 6 is worth 5,000 points.

Any die from the roll that do not qualify for points for you, become tributes for me.

Tributes are the sum of the revealed unqualifying numbers, multiplied by the number of qualifying dice.

Six of a Kind is automatic tribute for me. They do not qualify as points for you.

If you manage to reach 10,000 game points, you win 10 points!



requires tribute up front.

I roll my 7 polyhedral dice.

In order for the game to qualify, you must keep a "2" and a "4". 

For the first roll, you pick the die to be kept.

For each roll after that, we each pick 1 die to be kept until all of the dice have been selected.

I add up the sum of all the revealed numbers.

If the resulting total number is even, I win.

If the resulting total number is odd, you win.

If you win, you win 1 point per every 5 numerical value of the dice (rounded down).

If I win, you buy the entire cart that I filled while we were playing!



Liar's Dice

I select 3 dice to roll. They can be any combination (sides, shape, multiples, colors) of dice.

After rolling, I will tell you 2 truths and 1 lie about the dice I rolled. It can be about the values of the numbers I rolled, or a physical aspect of the dice themselves.

You get 1 guess to find the lie.

If you guess wrong, you pay a tribute determined by a roll of my d20

If you guess correctly, you win 1 point.

Dice Drain

I roll 2 d6 and flip my operation coin.

The coin will determine if the die values are added together or multiplied for your tribute total.

We go until you can't go any more.

You can get rewarded with 1 point per round.

Read about points here.