by on July 13, 2018

So what am I into? 


That’s still technically being explored every day. I know I get elated when you let me play with your wallet and give me everything I want. But isn’t that obvious? That’s part of why I’m here. 


But there’s so much more I get enjoyment out of, and it can be as simple as engaging in causal conversation with humor and sarcasm before I humiliate your existence. 


I really like finding your limits, see just how much of a brutal beating your ego and self esteem can take. I want my body worshiped and begged for. If you’re a brat, I can hand it back to you twice as hard. I’m a strong believer in consent and everything has to be mutually agreed and respected on by both parties. Embarrassment and humiliation are probably my strong suit, but I am into exploring other areas. I enjoy the power, I enjoy the control, especially when it comes to over your wallet and you spoiling me rotten. 


Every day I am learning new things. And I enjoy every second of it.