by on July 13, 2018

Every day I play a game (usually 1 round)! Unless I have something special going on like vacation or whatever. Games possibilities are:

There are 3 possible outcomes from games that you'll be "rewarded" with:

  • point(s)
  • tasks to perform
  • tribute amounts to send

Points are accumulated and can be traded for additional rewards. If points are won in a game (mostly dice games) all subscribers will be rewarded. Points can also be rewarded for making me happy - tributes and good effort tasks. Points expire at the end of your subscription. You can ask for you point balance at any time.

Tasks are either hand picked or randomly selected from my master task list. You are not required to perform the tasks (sanity note: my list contains a huge amount of variety, I don't want any subs doing anything that violates their limits) however, good effort and your participation do not go unnoticed! 

Tributes are money amounts or gifts, depending on the rules of the game we're playing. Cash tribute amounts range from $5-$500 and just like with tasks you're not required to tribute (sanity note: this is a big range, I don't want to put anyone into debt) however I will know if you're only joining to do tasks and collect points and I will adjust your gaming experience accordingly. I know you want to be good servants to your Princess, so I'll leave the threat at that.

Games aren't the only thing I post on this snapchat account. The happier you make me with tributes, gifts and your tasks the more I'll send you in return! I respond to completed tasks, send pics of gifts, carts, cash and any other fem/findomme related thing I want!

To join, send me a tribute. The amount you send will coordinate at my discretion how long you stay. Send $50 to stay for 1 month.