by on August 3, 2018

I have a little gambling ready for you.

It's my adapted version of the russian roulette.You'll have to pay a tribute to start playing and 5€ for every try. In the slots there are several numbers. That's what you'll have to pay if you fall on them. There's also a slot that reads 'question'. If you fall there I'll answer a question you make to me. Interesting, right?

Now, we obviously need a bullet. Here it is. There's a slot called 'tribute'. If you fall there you'll tribute me the quantity I choose. And I promise you, you'd rather wish getting a bullet on your head.

In case you run out of money, I win. If you fall 3 times on 'question' you win, and I'll give you a special reward.


We can play this game on kik, send me a message if you dare to play.