by on August 4, 2018

There are certain sentences that make me cringe. "I'm bored", in my family gets the response "Only boring people get bored". There are far too many things that can be done to get bored. 

Dommes, if you are bored, take control and steer the chat to something you enjoy. Multitasking is another way to stave off boredom. I craft, write, and play music while chat is on. There is not a reason for a Domme to get bored. Write a blog. Post more pictures. Read up on a new interesting kink. Shop online, lord knows that keeps me busy. Suggest a fun game for subs to play.

Subs, if you bored you can always spice things up by tributing your favorite Domme. Write a blog, Dommes do like knowing what is in your all's heads. Do some online work to make more money to tribute. Do research for a Domme. Unowned subs can look at profile pages and websites to find the Domme of their dreams. There are endless things you can do.

There is never a reason to be bored. Find something to keep yourself busy and have fun. No boring people.

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