by on August 5, 2018

My birthday is a month away you filthy ones. a day that should be honored all of this month and all of next month. a time when 41 only comes once. what do i want from you lowlfes? what ever girl wants and that is money. I want to be adored, spoiled, loved, and more. my birthday is a special time as well. a day that gave me life. i want you to be begging to worship me, pleasing me with what i want as tributes. and this is all of the month of august and the month of sept. bonus if its big ones on the day of. what is it that i want from you. oh dearies. what i want is...

circle pay or google pay. i love money. hard cold cash is a wonderful thing in my hand. i love counting on how much i have for me. i smile, giggle, and just get a high off of getting money. I want to be able to buy my own gifts this year. i want to be able to buy whatever i desire to want. from something for my home, clothing, or maybe a mini getaway. i want to get whatever i want. oh where can you send the lovely tributes to? mistress.aeval@gmail.com. a happy birhday note is all that is needed. oh i cant wait till i get surprises in my mailbox. go on boys, go spoil me