by on August 8, 2018

I understand the concept of homewrecking. I also understand that sometimes it is just play. What I fail to understand is how one gains "greatness" by comparing themselves to others in a subs life in a negative way. It may be exciting for a sub to think this way towards the people who may or may not exist in its life. But why openly perpetuate yourself to be better than someone else, especially one you probably have never met. And really it isnt any better if you have met them in my opinion..which would be kind of odd. If you cant say something to their face why would you talk behind their backs? Even though the likelyhood of them finding out what you said is probably nil, it still isnt a nice way to conduct yourself....In My humble opinion...

I am not anywhere near interested in the  homewrecking dynamic, because honestly in my opinion it just sucks big hairy blue balls.

Saying you are better than their ugly or less than wanted person they have in their lives accomplishes what? It may get you a few odd dollars here and there, but at what cost? Saying someone in the sub's life isnt nearly or could ever hope to be as pretty as or good as you, does what? I think it only serves to boost your own self esteem by putting down others. Each person has their own approach to findom and thats fine, but where does one draw the line?

I often wonder if people who compare themselves to the spouses and such in a sub's life have some lack of self esteem. I dont know why people exude this type of behavior. In my opinion, and yours may differ, it isnt the way one should conduct themselves. But yet again, that is only my own personal opinion. Personally attacking others doesnt do much to make you look good or better.

And as always may the tributes be in your favor...!