by on August 8, 2018

Reality is Goddess

Her Presence is your Bible
Realization is your Scripture
Her Wisdom is your Theology
Commitment is your Salvation
Wealth Redistribution is Her Mission


For centuries, the male-ego has suppressed large groups of individuals with male-dominated religions, creating marginalization/division amongst commoners and even going so far as to push animals to the brink of extinction all in the name of their self-contructed pseudo-Gods. 

Powerful Deities (war, victory etc) are almost exclusively women. It is the Goddess who bears offspring and fights battles- many of the male GrecoRoman Gods were female pre AD. 
Spiritual imbalance is the precedent of political imbalance, cultural imbalance, etc. Gods wife was edited out of the bible- Her name was Ashera, but Biblical scholars denied that they were a divine pair. The bible was written by a minority group of elite men and did not represent the people, who worshiped almost everything the elite scholars condemned. 

Man's various examples of "gods" and "The Bible" were all constructed by individuals who lived in homophobic, mysogonistic, self-centered societies, leaving women no choice but to cater to them due to the social expectation of monogamy in exchange of resources...or literally starve because women couldnt have jobs unless they got into sexwork which was often ridiculed on its own. 

Women were often appointed high positions in the church to show an ill-structured way to "include" females in their male-driven prospects, and were 100% of the time still considered lower status than men,  often punished to extreme extents in front of the congregation to set an example against "stepping out of line". 

Feminine Beauty holds a power over men, like a magic of it's own- exciting and potentially destructive. The weaker ones fear its potential. 

Examples of 'evil' women from history, who were demonised by powerful competitors whose opinions were eagerly supported by the masses: Empress Wu, Valeria Messalina, Boudica, Elizabeth Bathory, Agrippina The Younger. Many believed ridiculous slander (Elizabeth Bathory bathing in virgin blood) yet brutal kings were (are) worshiped. Not to mention all the queens, wealthy courtesans and aristocratic unmarried ladies accused of witchcraft. 

When men stopped worshipping women, the world began to fall....Religious Domination is My way of undoing this and literally pushing back in a real, material way via a mix of sex work, religious undoing/reprogramming, and the concept of Tribute. 

Having your penis cut off to serve as a eunuch, was a sacred rite and meant dedication to the honorable Women in society. Obviously, in modern time, the closest I can demand is chastity, a vital element in My religious indoctrination of several sacred rituals, considered a privilege for anyone to approach with such devotion.  There must be sacrifice and pain, and then there will be bliss. 

Worshiping women is a pre-ancient religion. Men need to realise all Women are connected to universal divine energy- the very energy that you need to survive and flourish. When you encounter women you are witnessing the divine manifested.

Women are your religion so get on your knees.