Princess Hatty
by on August 9, 2018

I'm fussy about my puppies. I don't want just anyone, we need to click.  I've had a lot where it felt 'forced', we did not buy into one another and all the enjoyment was lost. It's not simply about the money, at the end of the day I'm giving you my attention, if I don't enjoy the conversation and watching you fulfill your tasks- then I won't enjoy to relationship as a whole.

I tend to only take 4 long-term puppies at a time, I have a few for the odd quick drain that drop in and out (which is completely fine), but you can't expect the manipulation to happen as quickly if at all, if I don't get to know you....that being said- a puppy from this site, became obsessed within an hour. The fastest I've ever had.

If you have a personality, a level of intellect and aren't going to weep when I expect a gift, drop me a message.

Money is important, but the connection keeps it rolling.