Miss Mika
by on August 10, 2018

This blog is simple. For each Friday I will now be coming up with new games based off of Findom (or Femdom maybe) artwork. I will post the photo as a status with the games rules. Follow them, and enjoy. None of you win, apart from Me. But if there is a really creative photo I will ask to show it on my profile and you will have the honor of being mentioned/tagged by Me.

Basic rules: 

- each entry must come with a tribute of at least $25

- each entry must be the position described in the rules posted

- each entry must come in by 12PM EST on Friday

- each entry must not include anything used for/by minors in the shot (foreground or background) incase I want to post your picture on My profile

- contact Me through IM on chat or inbox for tribute email and where you can send your entry if you would like it offsite


Game 1 - Friday Aug 10

It's payday, pets... time for a game! I know you have all swooned at Sardax more than once, wishing you were in those artfully cruel drawings. Time for you to get creative and put a basket on your back, fill it with items I would enjoy, take a picture and send it to Me with a tribute. Add a dog leash, a gag, whatever you think will impress Me but you MUST be on all fours. The more creative the better. Contact Me through inbox for email and tribute info. Have fun ;)