by on August 11, 2018

Let's put it this way. If you did not have a template of how Findom was supposed to be. Would you continue to do exactly what you are doing? What it bring you happiness?

These are the questions I have been asking myself since I got back from American. Frankly, it was because I was sick of people coming to me with preconceived notions in their heads of how much this subject is related to sex and sex alone. Simply put out of the  250 emails I would get in one day. 1 from that month maybe someone that could be of interest to be a long-term sub of honest servitude. Why? Because 99.9% of people don't read a damn thing and look at a chick and go "She's hot lets fuck."

I am mentally rolling my eyes as this just isn't classy.

If you want porn google it dear. If you want a porn star then, by all means, go spend your money on her actually content.

What do I want from you? To know you value me and the content I create for you. How do you do this? Start giving and stop taking.