by on August 12, 2018

Now is the time where I myself have to sit and reorganize what content I want to keep online. This means reevaluating collarspace, FetLife, Twitter, and my website.

Collarspace, I am almost certain will be tossed out the window. I have 100s of blog posted there until some child whined that my writing was affensive and my profile was deleted. A day later the same happened to have of the people I know.

Fetlife is still on the fence. Yes it has some quality people but with everything with a free membership the jerk offs and drama are also there. FetLife may stay for the simple fact it is actually a good source of information.

Twitter is up in the air. Maybe it is my skills or the fact that I am not willing to bear all for someone to jerk off for free. Though again done properly could be a source of information and a way to establish authority.

So that is the just of what is going on in my head. Who knows I may give up this whole project and move on to something that is just less friction all around.  

Thanks for reading.