by on September 13, 2018

Boys, what keeps you from coming into the chat room? Do you not like to have fun? Is it too intimidating for you? Do you simply just not want to? What gives, and why havent you popped in for a chat?

Do you feel that your opinions and voice are not valued by the female site populus? Have you had bad experiences in the past, making you a little gun shy? What would it take to get you into the chat right now?

There are plenty of nice lovely ladies willing to chat for free, so it surely cant be cost based your reluctance that is. Do you feel you will be attacked in some manner? Do you feel like you will be constantly hounded for gifts and tributes?

I mean seriously it is real live chat, with real live women that you may or may not want to give your money to. But, you will never find that out unless you squeeze into chat and say hello. You have the right to say no thank you should you choose to feel the need to do so.You have nothing to lose by popping in to see what's poppin.

Contrary to popular belief, we dont bite. Well, most of us dont,lol.

So why not pull up your pink knickers and come into chat and see how much better your life can be.

ps, youre welcome...