Lady Lucy
by on September 14, 2018

Ok, so here’s the thing… I’ve always been a Domme, well not technically always but for quite a while. I’ve been into BDSM for essentially my whole sexual life. But I never knew that my excitement about controlling men financially was considered a fetish. Who knew? And why did no one tell me?


I was just doing some normal perusing when I came across the term and I was intrigued… then I pulled back a curtain to discover that Findom was a much bigger fetish than I could have ever imagined. Something I’d been doing for essentially my whole adult life without men being aware of, actually turned some men on? Hell yes!


As a Domme, I’ve always loved a TPE (total power exchange, for those unaware) agreement. Control is honestly the biggest thing for me, I love it. So having subs out there ready and willing to turn over financial control, usually one of the hardest things for others, ah, it was like an eye opening experience for me.


Although, I am admittedly “new” to the Findom scene and the whole idea of online Domme-ing, I will say that my previous experience and subs have helped to prepare me a lot for this magic carpet ride I’ve discovered now. I’m no longer stuck between the confines of my small town environment and it is so refreshing. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the crazy experience holds for me.