Lady Lucy
by on September 14, 2018

You sit silently on your couch, computer in front of your face. Refreshing your feed minute after minute, just to get another glimpse of what I might be saying or sharing with you.

You can’t get enough of me. You can’t wait to see my face again, my beautiful body with its natural curves.

You can’t wait to get another glimpse inside my mind. You need to know what makes me tick.

You keep stroking yourself wishing that you could be a man, wishing you were good enough for a woman like me.

Alas, my darling, there is a way

All you have to do is bow down before your Lady, submit yourself before me and watch your miserable life start to change before your eyes. Allow your favorite Mistress to give your life purpose again.

Stop playing with yourself and get to it, no man ever accomplished anything playing with his dick. 

Let’s go now, darling. I’ll be awaiting your submission.

Topics: erotic