by on September 15, 2018

I have been down with the Flu since Thursday morning. You know the extreme fatigue, dizziness and achy body that comes with it all. I had to reschedule appoints and ask for help (two things I hate that made me grumpier). I have spent more that one day sleeping under a mountain of blankets and the sweat streaming down my face. Needless to say NOT a pretty picture.

For any dominant person asking for help makes us grumpy as hell so having to ask my husband to help me take a shower because I was too weak to stand was hard enough. He was quick to make me laugh it off by saying “After 13 years, it’s about time that I am able to help take care of you for a change.”

What I didn’t know was after the exhausting shower, getting dressed and being put to bed; my husband took my phone. He noticed that a few of my closer subs had checked in on me and I hadn’t replied. He let them know what was up and that I would probably be down for at least a week to recover. He added them all to a Skype group with himself and returned my phone. 

During the four hours that I slept these subs and my husband had been planning ways to keep me entertained while I am stuck on bed rest. Sending videos of encouragement, flowers and gifts to a delivery point my husband set up...and even playing simple games such as words with friends or board kings. All to make me feel better. 

These are all working men who rearranged their work schedules with each other to spend time keeping me from feeling useless. Not once did any of them ask me about kink. One of them even took care of my scheduled appointments after asking permission so that I didn’t have to stress about it.

Serving a Domme isn’t always about sending tributes on demand. These subs send a weekly tribute on time for over a year a piece, sometimes send random tributes never being asked. They also do random acts of kindness like keeping me entertained while I fight the Flu. That is SELFLESS servitude. And that is what I train my long term subs to do.