by on September 16, 2018

After a long talk with both previous subs and once I won now it has come to my attention that way to many Dommes chase subs. I admit at first I did this too. I thought with a shy subs it would be easier on them to contact them first.

Boy was I wrong and here is why:

90% of subs receive DMs all day long with a bitchy tone and most of the time unwanted attention. It intemidates most and runs off a lot. 

Think of it this way ladies. Most of us successful Dommes receive unwanted dic pictures all the time. It is annoying to recieve something like this from someone I don’t even know. It’s pretty close to the same thing when sending a bitchy tone message to a sub that doesn’t even know you.

I have stopped reacting to likes from subs on my photos and content for the same reason. It is fine by me as having a sub contact me first is so much less work. 

I spend over 30 hours a week creating content (blogs, photos, movies) that extra 2 hours messaging subs can so be used sipping mai tai’s at a coctail bar with friends and actually making money draining a cuck while I enjoy my life. 


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