The Black Widow
by on October 7, 2018

I want to give you insight into my life. What I do each day and each week. I love to travel and do have submissives in cities around the globe that I see when time permits.  Each of them serves a function. The shoe fetishist in Washington, DC, the cuckold in Manhattan, the boot worshiper in Paris.

i have a lovely new submissive in Manhattan that I saw last weekend.  He’s young and willing to learn. He loves chastity, “forced” bi and cross dressing.  I’ve truly enjoyed molding and manipulating him into the slave he needs to be, for me.  

He paid for a weekend session which lasted from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. I had him meet me at the hotel bar where I taunted and teased him publicly while the women around me laughed at his predicament.  I get so aroused at public humiliation and he obviously enjoyed it although admitted later that he is deeply conflicted by that aspect.  Cuckolding is my absolute favorite form of domination so as I played the part of his girlfriend, I ensured that he understood that he would be watching as I got fucked by a more masculine Bull who could satisfy me in ways he could never do.  

Aftet retiring to my suite, I had him dress in heels and stockings, painting his pretty little lips a bright red. My Bull entered shortly, a magnificent specimen truly worthy of the term “Bull”. I made my cuck lay on the bed, head at the foot while I leaned over him and my Bull unleashing his weapon, lifting my skirt, inserting a couple gloved fingers inside me and then pushing the head of his cock right to the edge of penetration.  As my little cuck begged for my attention and touch, my Bull plunged himself deeply inside me and I began wave after wave of orgasm. 

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