by on October 7, 2018

1. Your dick size does not matter. Better yet, your dick in and of itself does not matter period. If I have a use for it, you will be the first to know trust me.

2. The gifts that you have given people other than me, do not matter. Those gifts are not a measurement of how good of service you will provide me. Bragging about them is a big turn off as well.

3. Your ego does not matter. You will leave your ego at the door and humble yourself in service to me or exit stage left.

4. Your various accounts details do not matter to me. I will not log into them and purchase myself anything. If you cannot lay willing the gifts at my cyber feet then I am not interested in them.

5. Your gifts and tributes do not matter to me if you think they are in exchange for my time and attention. Unless expressly agreed to beforehand, a tribute or gift gets you nothing but a smile on my face.

6. Your desire to be "punished" by being made to lick a lady's special bits does not matter to me. Even for a long time, being "made" to do this type of activity is not punishment if it is at all allowed.

7. Your wants, desires and needs do not matter to me upon first meeting. It is up to you to get to know me and court my attentions justly. Then and only then will I possibly entertain the notion of your desires.

These are but only a few t hings that dont matter to me, im sure there are far more but I didnt want to put you to sleep possibly trying to read them. You may now return to your regular findomming activities.