easily led
by on October 8, 2018

As the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.  And that certainly applies to the first message between a Domme and sub.  It can be a bit of a leap in the dark.  


I once got a message from someone that just said “Hey there dork”.  The sender of that message could not have known but that kind of message rubs me the wrong way so nothing was ever going to come out of that little exchange.


Which brings me to the message that lovely Miss Dakota sent me.  Her very first message thanked me for liking and making little complimentary comments on some of Her photo’s (confession: It was the ones showing off Her beautiful cleavage - my weakness wink ).  I immediately thought that was so nice of Her and certainly unusual.  I now know that this is just the kind of person She is.


I quickly discovered that Goddess Dakota is very smart, caring and easy to talk to.  In what seemed like no time at all, She had decided that She wanted to bring me Under Her Consideration.  Obviously, I did not hesitate to agree – with my heart skipping a few beats!  How did I get this lucky?  She’s so beautiful and intelligent and caring.  I’ve now learned what a busy life She has so I try my very best not to be needy (a not good trait I know I have displayed in the past).  I’m truly grateful for the time that She chooses to spend with me.


Goddess is certainly beginning to dominate my world.  I think about Her a lot.  When I go to sleep, when I wake up, when I’m at work.  She has graciously sent me some lovely pictures of Her and I love to just look at Her image through my day.


Her first message was a surprise and She continues to surprise me, catching me off guard.  She asked me to make a Amazon wishlist and then share it with Her so She could add to it.  I didn’t even know that was a thing…..lol  As I write this, I’m intrigued to see what She is going to add and have me buy.


Of course, we have talked about tribute, and if I am being totally honest, the amount She asked of me is probably more than I had previously thought about but it is something I feel I can live with.  I know She is totally worth it.  In the past, I have, I think, played around the edges with FinDom.  By which I mean, I stick to an amount which I know won’t really affect the things I want to buy in other areas of my life.  Goddess inspires me to want to sacrifice some things I don’t really need for Her.  Just to know She is pleased with me and smiles.


Goddess also asked me in our early messages if, eventually, I would be open to complete financial control.  That would be a big step but I’d be dishonest if I said I didn’t find that an interesting thought.  I’m not entirely sure how that would work in a practical way, but it’s some way off before that might be considered anyway.


Last weekend, Goddess had me learn how to make Her favorite dessert….Cherry Cheesecake.  I’ve never attempted that before, but I am not totally useless in the kitchen, and I did succeed in my task (pic was posted right here on Findoms).  The other part of my weekend task was that I had to wear my chastity device all weekend.  Which I did.  Feeling locked up for Her was a good feeling as I made Her cheesecake.  I was so happy when Goddess pronounced Herself very pleased with my efforts.


I don’t know that I can really describe in words what it feels like when Goddess says She is pleased with me.  I want to make Her happy so much.  As I write, I seem to be successful.  On Sunday I was just working around my house and I found myself just feeling SO happy.  Happier than I have felt in a long time.  A very long time.  I’m suggesting that is 100% down to Miss Dakota heart


It’s now been just one day more than a week since Goddess sent me that first message.  I’m totally loving the connection I feel with Her.  Everything about Her feels so right.  She seems to always speak in the way I dream of a Goddess speaking to me.  I don’t know exactly where She is taking me, but I do know all I want to do is follow Her.


I’m old enough to know that life has all kinds of unexpected twists and turns.  But right now, I’m happy living in this moment, in a kind of a dreamworld because I’m still amazed that this beautiful, smart, caring Goddess is choosing to include me in Her world.


I’m such a lucky little pet.  Thank You Goddess. heart