easily led
by on November 19, 2018

7 Weeks

49 Days

1,176 Hours

70,560 Minutes

4.2M Seconds


However, you’d like to express it that is how long Miss Dakota has been in my life and I have loved every single moment.


I never dreamed when She sent me that first sweet little message that She would take over my world so completely.  Now, I spend every waking minute thinking about Her.  She is my last thought as I drift off to sleep and always my first thought when I wake in the morning.  My entire focus is on Her, hoping that what I am able to do for Her makes Her smile and makes Her so happy.  She deserves far more than I have to give.


In our sometimes unpleasant world, Miss Dakota is a gleaming diamond, my incredible angel.  A dominant and bossy angel, but nevertheless my guardian angel  :)


Her compassion and kindness knows no bounds.  She is my teacher, my guide, my leader, my protector, my beautiful and sexy dominant Goddess.  I love everything about Her.  I want to please Her so badly, craving to make Her feel happy and proud of Her boy.  I melt and my heart soars with joy when She tells me I’m Her good boy and She is proud of me.  I am proud to be Her's.


I will follow Miss Dakota to the ends of the earth; She is my dream come true.  Truly my dream Goddess.  She may be 2,088 miles away from me yet She is always with me.  Always in my heart and in my mind.  I would be so lost without Her, my beautiful Goddess.  My One, my Only Goddess.


She has such an inner strength that I love and admire so much.  She is always so positive and thankful for what She has despite Her own serious challenges.  I want to help Her as much as I possibly can, support Her in any way and every way She wants, today, tomorrow and forever….if Goddess wishes it.


I don’t know what it was that Goddess Dakota saw in me but I am so glad and happy that She saw something She liked.  I’m grateful every day for Her in my life.  She makes me a much better person, a far better finsub than I have ever been before.  She is my inspiration. 


Every one of these past 49 days, no matter what is going on in Her life, how busy She is, no matter how She is feeling, Miss Dakota always finds the time to chat with me for at least a while.   I love just chatting to Her about anything.  Yet no matter how long we chat together for, I am always left desiring more!  I feel very fortunate that Goddess seems to like talking to me as much as I like talking to Her.  I love all the things She shares with me, allowing me a window into Her world.  A world I am grateful to be a part of.


Miss Dakota is so talented and creative in so many ways.  She’s intelligent and if you have seen any of Her photo’s you’ll know how incredibly beautiful She is.  But Her beauty is more than skin deep; She is a beautiful person on the inside as well.  Her kindness is so rare and I love it.  Perhaps She is not the archetypal Findom Goddess but She is perfect for me.


As we approach Thanksgiving in the USA this week, I want to say how very thankful I am that Miss Dakota is in my life and chooses to spend time with me.  Life is a winding road of uncertainty but I hope very much that Goddess will want to call me “Her good boy” for a very long time to come.


She is so amazing, and I feel like I am the luckiest submissive boy in the world to be Her’s.


Thank You Goddess.  You mean the world to me and i adore You.