by on December 29, 2018

May I serve you Goddess? For you I would do all things to make you happy I promise! His blissful words echo throughout the many colored rooms of my new found fetish. But what do I say? Still virgin to all this, I ask one question. What is it about me that intrigues you so much? He replies..... I know you! See I’ve been hiding in the shadows on the site you frequent with your works of poetry and I must admit I’ve fallen madly/deeply in love with you! Hehehe... So you know me huh. What about me do you know dear Pet? I know you love to dance among the waves on the beach on a moonlit night. I know that Miles and Billie are your go to when you’re feeling sad. I know that your Native name does not accurately describe you. For that after this moment on you will forever have me at your feet. Well..... I want the impossible! The house on the hill with the wrap around porch, a pink Audi SUV, endless shoes/purses and most importantly fertility treatments to conceive! Will you be my white whale? Shower me with daily tributes, weekly gifts, and monthly contributions. If so give me all of you! Your heart, your mind, your body and your soul.