by on December 31, 2018

I want to let everyone know why we do things the way we do when it come to some rules. I have instructed my staff, NOT to bark any rules to ANY Dommes if possible. I ask them to just tag admin. So i can see and then I message the Domme. Talking to Dommes when youre staff can become a very dramatic process as many know that im here and dont want anyone telling them anything but me.

Very strong personalities and I dont want arguing going back and forth as it seems 90% of the time that even when i message the Domme it becomes a drawn out debate. I dont want them going through that. EVERYTHING is in place for a reason that has stemmed from something in the past. MOSTLY its what the community has wanted and we dont have time to explain it. Just trust that this commnity runs VERY well and not like Twitter because we are ALL on top of shit.

It is also done this way because so many new dommes are signing up and do not read the rules that we just dont have time to do it any other way. So if you see admin tagged on a photo or comment youve made, then yea its a TOS. I get that can be alarming but its just so the staff who works for FREE dont have to do more when many are also using the site for free.

Otherwise I will have to make this a FULL membership site for ALL members, not just subs. We dont have venture capitalist dumping millions into the site like facebook has so its ALL on me. If anyone klnows me they knw im not looking to ban Dommes easily, so if you get a tag admin on something its not going to a ban, prob just a heads up to chill on that....

Its usually something minor so please dont take offense and just understand it makes things VERY easy for us and makes it so YOU can use this site for free.